Why Partial Dentures Might Work Better

Apart from the obvious, partial dentures will have a few good uses. But why partial dentures in Riverdale? Why not just go in for full dentures and get it over and done with? Well, such a thought may have crossed the minds of some. Are they really that prepared to give up this easily? It is like this. They seem to think that their teeth, and maybe their gums too, are going to the dogs. And there is that too.

It is a dog’s breath out there. Absolutely atrocious for those who need to be in close range. Or it could be like kissing an ashtray if the owner of said teeth and gums just happens to be a doggone smoker. And then there is that too. The color. Yellow might be nice elsewhere but not when yellow is the color of said teeth. Goodbye teeth and hello dentures. But it need not necessarily be a full set of dentures.

It could just be partial. No need to pull out every single last tooth, especially since it could be rescued somehow or another. Also just remember that there is little to no support structure in place when you are dealing with a full set of dentures. But with partial dentures, it is quite a different matter. There is plenty of support from surrounding teeth, even from the gums. That is to say that the surrounding teeth and gums are still going to be in generally good condition.

partial dentures in Riverdale

Healthy and hygienic in other words. Partial dentures are also utilised as temporary fixtures, say in the case of the patient having new dental implants being fitted. So whilst the patient is going through the critical healing stage, he could still have his teeth and eat.